Colloidal Silver For Cats: All You Need To Know

Colloidal Silver has long been used to help humans fight off all manner of infections and ailments. In fact, we’ve been doing it for more than ten decades.

And in that time, many pet owners have come to wonder whether its magical abilities will be able to also help our four-legged friends when they too get struck with ailments. 

Colloidal Silver For Cats: All You Need To Know

Well – you can. Colloidal silver is a safe, natural, and effective antibiotic for our purr-fect pets. Colloidal silver actually has the ability to eradicate much of the bacteria that causes our kitties’ diseases. And the best news, it won’t affect their organs or cells! 

It’s pretty versatile too, it can be applied directly to wounds such as burns and skin ulcers, but it can also be taken orally. It even acts as an amazing disinfectant that can kill E-coli which are little bundles of joy can easily pick up from the outside world. 

If you’d like to learn a little more about Colloidal Silver for cats, it’s benefits, what it can fix, and what dosages to use – keep reading. 

The Benefits Of Colloidal Silver For Cats

I mean, it would probably be a whole lot quicker to say how it doesn’t benefit cats because it honestly does just so much. Colloidal silver kills so many bad things. Bacteria, viruses, viral infections, fungi, you name it. 

And it does all this while being non-toxic. This means that your furbaby will have the healthiest cells and organs.

In fact, it’s not just cats. It’s safe for all animals and is a great alternative to turn to if you don’t want to rely on antibiotics. There are currently no known side effects and it won’t interact with any other drugs that your kitty might already be prescribed. 

And the best benefit of all is that it works. And it works well. Colloidal silver is highly effective and has been known to cure many varying ailments. 

If you’re wondering how it works, it goes something a little like this. Your kitty’s body recognizes the elemental silver as self since it’s a completely natural substance that can be found in both soil and water.

Then even the very teeniest of microorganisms aren’t able to reproduce because of the presence of oxygen that is exposed to silver irons from the silver. 

Conditions Colloidal Silver Can Help Treat

As I’ve mentioned above, there is quite an extensive list of different ailments that this silver can help treat. So, let’s take a look at some of them right now. 

  • Skin infections – ringworm, mange, fungal infections, hotspots
  • Eye Infections – conjunctivitis, pink eye, feline herpes, virus infections
  • Ear Infections – ear mites
  • Gastrointestinal Infections – diarrhea, vomiting. 
  • Respiratory Infections – Feline Respiratory Disease Complex, (FRDC) flu, pneumonia, feline calicivirus
  • Urinary Tract Infections – pain when urinating, blood in the urine (Check out Can Colloidal Silver Help For A UTI?)
  • Dental Cavities – gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath
  • Cuts 
  • Burns 
  • Internal Bleeding 
  • Ear Mites – bacteria in fur

Colloidal Silver And Cat Ear Infections

Colloidal Silver For Cats: All You Need To Know

I thought I’d take a moment to talk about cat ear infections since they are one of the most common ailments. This is because unlike you or me, our cats don’t have the ability to expel the waste from their body. 

This can lead to them developing inflammation, pain, and in extreme cases even temporary deafness. Luckily with the help of colloidal silver and purified water, this can be easily treated.

You may see some say you can use alcohol instead of purified water but I wouldn’t recommend this as it tends to be too harsh for your kitty. 

To use colloidal silver for ear infections follow the steps below: 

  1. Clean The Base – With a cotton ball soaked in your water-silver mixture, clean the base of your cat’s ear. Do this around 2-3 times a day for around 1-2 weeks. Do not place any of the mixture directly into your cat’s ear canal. 
  2. Spray Silver In The Ear Canal – Only once 3 weeks (the two from step one and a further week) have passed can you then spray colloidal silver into the ear canal twice a day for another 1-2 weeks. Do not exceed 4 weeks of continued use. 

Warning – Colloidal silver should never be used on cats 10 weeks old or younger as it can damage the development of the ear canal. 

Warning – Do not use colloidal silver on exceedingly deep cuts as it will not create a barrier as aloe vera gel might, for example. 

Warning – Only use purified water for your mixture. 

Colloidal Silver Dosages For Cats

While Colloidal silver will be safe for your cats, you still need to ensure that you follow the correct dosages. You’ll be fine to give them the occasional oral dose to help prevent those nasty infections and painful reactions.

This will not harm your furbaby as the colloidal silver will immediately pass through their digestive system. 

Getting them to take it might prove to be a little trickier. I would advise either administering it with an oral syringe or hiding it in meat-flavored foods they are sure to love like tuna or their regular pouches of food. 

In terms of dosage, we’re talking just 1/8th – 1/4th of a teaspoon per dose. You can do this up to two times per day and for around 3-5 days for any mild ailments.

For more severe problems it should only be upped to 1/4th – ½ of a teaspoon for the same amount of time. 

Warning – While colloidal silver is safe for cats, you should never give it to young kittens. Especially not without consulting a local veterinarian. This is because the silver can be too harsh on their small organs which are still developing. 

Safety Tips For Colloidal Silver & Cats

  • Making Your Mixture – You want to ensure that for every ounce of silver you use (or tablespoon of high PPM mixture) that it is mixed with a minimum of one cup of purified water.
  • Silver Turning Blue – Sometimes a totally normal chemical reaction will take place causing the silver to turn blue. Don’t stress if this happens. It hasn’t gone out of date or stopped working. It is still safe to use
  • Stick To The Dosage – While colloidal silver is safe for cats, you should still never exceed the recommended dosage. Continued use over time at high quantities may still have a negative effect on your cat’s body. 

Final Thoughts

Colloidal silver should be viewed as an additional supplement that can be taken to help fight some of your cat’s ailments. And when taken correctly, it can be really effective and help your four-legged friend get back to their happy and healthiest self. 

Despite it being non-toxic and safe for cat consumption, you’ll still want to ensure that you are sticking within the recommended guidelines for dosage though. Cats are known for being highly sensitive and we don’t want to cause any additional problems. 

I would advise speaking to your veterinarian before you begin any treatment though.

And keep in mind that it won’t be suitable for any small still-growing kittens as their organs are not yet fully developed and so are not yet ready to withstand the silver in the same way your older cats will. 

Carlos Esteban