Does Colloidal Silver Destroy The Beneficial Digestive Bacteria?

Colloidal silver is used for many things and by numerous people who want to promote their overall health, but you might have heard someone claim that colloidal silver has the power to destroy beneficial digestive bacteria, which might worry you.

Naturally, the first thing you did was to do an online search which is how you might have landed on this page.

Does Colloidal Silver Destroy The Beneficial Digestive Bacteria?

Lucky for you, we can give you all the details you need on how colloidal silver works and how it can affect your digestive system and the good bacteria living there.

So, keep on reading this article if you want to learn more about your gut’s bacteria, their importance, and the potential risks of killing them with colloidal silver!

Why Are Digestive Bacteria Important?

In recent times, it has become abundantly clear that the beneficial digestive bacteria that populate our gut are not just important but rather crucial, as they have a huge impact on our overall health.

The bacteria in our digestive system are involved not only in the digestive process but also in the fight against the pathogenic organisms that enter our body through our meals.

In addition, they directly influence our weight as well as our style of life and preferences for certain food and activities.

For example, a healthy gut and beneficial digestive bacteria, in most cases, means you are leading a healthy life where you eat healthy food and exercise or move regularly.

On the contrary, the lack of such bacteria is the result of poor lifestyle choices, where sedentary life and junk food make up most of your day-to-day existence.

Even our mood is greatly affected by our digestive system’s health as the pH levels can, in turn, affect the hormone levels.

With each new research, the several distinct functions of our digestive bacteria multiply, but one thing is clear: maintaining and supporting them is essential if we want to be healthy.

What Is Colloidal Silver Used For?

Colloidal silver is a supplement that helps the immune system.

Numerous individuals use colloidal silver on a daily basis to help them fight pathogenic organisms and other infections. It is also known to help the skin regenerate in case there’s a small wound, cut, or even a burn.

Silver’s hype originates in part from its storied record of being used, as well as its proven effectiveness against a wide range of microbes.

But does being effective in eliminating germs imply that it will also attack the good bacteria too?

How Is Colloidal Silver Used?

Colloidal silver is often taken in conjunction with other medications, such as antibiotics, to boost the immune system.

It is well-known that antibiotics are killing the beneficial bacteria, leaving a space that could enable other pathogens to take over, such as fungi.

As a result, apart from killing the beneficial bacteria in your gut, antibiotics are also responsible for the creation of that gap, and whenever colloidal silver is used together with them, it is possible that our bodies cannot handle them separately.

Even in this case, though, many people argue that since colloidal silver is working against bad microbes, it could not possibly contribute to their growth by killing the good bacteria.

So, Does Colloidal Silver Destroy The Beneficial Digestive Bacteria?

Does Colloidal Silver Destroy The Beneficial Digestive Bacteria? (1)

Well, a quick answer to that would be yes, but the possibilities of that happening are due to abnormal and excessive use of colloidal silver.

Proper use and sticking to the recommended doses are the two things that, when done, are unlikely to cause a problem.

Not only that but the quality of the silver used is also a factor that might impact its absorption from the body.

To be more precise, due to the colloidal silver’s bacteria-eliminating qualities, it is likely to kill good bacteria if it comes into contact with them.

Nevertheless, high-quality colloidal silver that consists of pure nano-sized particles appears to be absorbed and distributed throughout the body prior to actually killing any beneficial gut bacteria.

Therefore, answering this main question is difficult because there are many factors that determine how silver acts in our gut.

This means that the best thing someone can do is keep track of their own experiences and make adjustments as needed.

How Can I Support The Beneficial Digestive Bacteria?

Maintaining your beneficial digestive bacteria is important if you want a strong immune system, just as important as it is complementing it with colloidal silver.

Transforming the bacteria that live in your system could take even a year, but this is a long-term change that is well worth the effort.

To make this happen, you need to follow a few approaches and develop a routine for an extended period of time.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Nourish the beneficial digestive bacteria with fermented products such as yogurt, kefir, and so on, or by taking supplements such as Flora MGR.
  • Good lifestyle choices promote the development of beneficial bacteria, so you should try exercising regularly, leading a stress-free life, and performing activities like dancing that can release some beneficial hormones.
  • Nourish your body and gut with whole foods and avoid processed meals with lots of additives and fatty acids.

The Bottom Line

From what you can understand, there is no clear answer to this question, but based on people’s anecdotal experiences over the years, the chances of your beneficial digestive bacteria being killed by colloidal silver are slim.

There is no clear link there, but it is, nevertheless, important to consume any supplements like colloidal silver according to instructions and by the recommended doses.

Just like with everything, excessive consumption of silver could have a negative impact on your gut’s health, but, as we said, if you properly consume it, you can rest assured that there’s no risk involved!

Carlos Esteban