Does Colloidal Silver Help With Ear Infections?

Ear infections affect both young and older people. These often occur in childhood, as many children develop ear infections before they turn four.

Adults can also be prone to ear infections, as they can frequently pose an issue for chronic patients.

Ear infections that aren’t treated properly or left untreated can cause hearing loss. Typical treatment methods involve several doctor visits, taking antibiotics, and surgery in serious cases. 

Does Colloidal Silver Help With Ear Infections?

These methods can expose the body to drugs, as well as take a lot of time and money to implement. The good news is that there is a non-surgical, drug-free method that can be used to treat ear infections. 

Colloidal silver is a potent mineral supplement that works well to treat ear infections. We’ll cover more about this treatment in this post, covering how an ear infection begins, what colloidal silver is, and how to use it as an ear infection treatment.

Before we get into the post, please note that while colloidal silver can be a useful ear infection treatment, always get your doctor’s approval before trying holistic methods.

Your condition could be severe and may require more serious treatment. 

How Does An Ear Infection Begin?

Ear infections can occur for a variety of reasons. 

The water from public swimming areas and pools can be packed with bacteria. This can travel inside the ear canal and irritate its lining. This is called otitis externa, also known as swimmer’s ear. 

Other causes include eczema, forcefully cleaning, or scratching the entrance to the ear. Ear infections are often painful, especially when the patient swallows and chews. 

Ear infections occur most in spring and winter. This is due to bacteria from colds, allergies, and respiratory infections that can enter the ears. 

In most cases, ear infections involve the Eustachian tube becoming infected or blocked. This is the small channel within the ear canal, connecting the middle ear and the nasal cavity.

This channel is so tiny that air pollution and cigarette smoke can irritate it. This leads to the conduit swelling, leading to vertigo and nausea. Infections involving the middle ear and Eustachian tube are known as otitis media.

Small children often experience middle ear infections, as their Eustachian tubes are incredibly small and soft. This means that pathogens are more likely to irritate and affect these ear components.

Ear Infection Treatments

Before they treat the ear infection itself, doctors will usually treat the pain from ear infections first. Painkillers are often prescribed, like Tylenol, Advil, or ibuprofen. 

While these drugs work well to relieve pain, they are linked to health problems, such as liver toxicity and stomach irritation. 

If an ear infection is chronic, the fluid can accumulate behind the eardrum. This runs a risk of bursting, which is incredibly dangerous. If this is the case, doctors may prescribe continuous treatment with antibiotics. 

If these don’t work, surgery may be necessary to insert a new drainage tube. This involves puncturing the eardrum to introduce the new tube, which may lead to hearing loss if not successful. 

Ear infections will require regular doctor visits to monitor your progress. If surgery is necessary, the patient will need a general anesthetic. Side effects of this are muscle soreness, dizziness, and nausea. 

The side effects and potential repercussions of these treatments are hardly desirable. Fortunately, colloidal silver can be a drug-free, natural, and effective ear infection treatment, which we’ll cover next. 

Colloidal Silver For Ear Infections

Does Colloidal Silver Help With Ear Infections? (1)

Colloidal silver works well as a simple and efficient ear infection treatment. The substance is completely natural and is readily available online and at health food stores. 

Colloidal silver’s liquid form is easy to use, as you can deposit it into the ear canal with a regular eyedropper.

Colloidal silver also has impressive antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibiotic properties, all of which are useful for treating ear infections!

Normal antibiotics can lead to pathogens mutating and developing in your system, but silver works differently from these drugs.

While antibiotics intoxicate pathogens, the small particles of pure silver within the colloidal silver stick to cell walls inside dangerous microorganisms. This hinders enzyme production by stifling the microorganisms. 

Some silver particles can be incredibly tiny, allowing them to stick to virus DNA and prevent them from replicating. This can help stop viral infections from spreading altogether. 

Ear infections can involve both viruses and bacteria. Fungus can also be present, which is often related to swimmers’ ears. 

Antibiotic drugs don’t work that well against viral and fungal pathogens. They also don’t stand up that well against bacteria. 

Colloidal silver’s properties work well against bacteria, viruses, and fungal pathogens, so it’s worth trying if you have an ear infection!

How To Treat An Ear Infection With Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can work very well against ear infections, but it’s important to only use it in small amounts. 

The infected area of an ear is very tiny. Those that aren’t accustomed to using colloidal silver may think that they need to pour lots into the ear. This is wasteful and can have opposite effects to the results you want.

You only need a maximum of three drops per affected ear, once or twice each day. 

Silver is very potent, so using a lot of it can lead to silver particles remaining in the eardrum and canal. This can stop healthy bacteria from growing, leading to temporary imbalance and possible vertigo.

These symptoms tend to resolve themselves in the 48 hours after you stop treatment. Nevertheless, this can be avoided by curbing your use to a few drops per application. 

To use colloidal silver to treat an ear infection, follow these steps.

  1. First lie on your side with your infected ear facing upwards.
  1. Use a regular eye dropper to deposit a maximum of three drops into the canal. Let the liquid drain into your ear to let the silver perform its effects.
  1. If you’re using colloidal silver on small children, don’t use more than two drops of the substance.
  1. Stay on your side for seven minutes, as this is enough time for the silver to start smothering the microbes. 
  1. Once time is up, turn so your infected ear faces downwards. Let the silver drain out of your ear, then use a clean tissue to wipe any excess from your ear.
  1. If you still notice ear infection symptoms a few hours after the treatment, wait for half a day and drop another two to three drops in your ear. You may need a couple of applications before you notice any results.

If your ear infection doesn’t see an improvement, consult your doctor or medical provider, as you may require professional treatment.  

The Bottom Line

Colloidal silver can be an effective treatment against ear infections. It has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antibiotic properties which can fight against contamination.

As it is all-natural and drug-free, you can use it on both adults and children without worrying. 

It’s readily affordable and is easily found online and in many health food stores. The silver substance is ideal for anyone worried about drug side effects, as well as those that prefer holistic treatment. 

However, remember to only use colloidal silver in small amounts, as you only need two or three drops per infected ear.

Using more than necessary wastes your money and can lead to a build-up of silver particles within the ear, so never use more than the recommended dose. 

Carlos Esteban