How To Make Feminized Seeds With Colloidal Silver: Full Guide

If you live in one of the few states where growing cannabis is legal, you will probably be aware that depending on the seeds you use to grow the plants will determine how potent the CBD and THC within the cannabis actually is when you come to use it. 

While many of us will know colloidal silver as a dietary supplement or a type of medicine that we will use to heal infections and viruses in our body, it can also be used to give you more control over growing your own plants and supplying them with the particles and nutrients needed to make their properties as noticeable as possible. 

How To Make Feminized Seeds With Colloidal Silver: Full Guide

Here is the full guide on how you can use colloidal silver to create feminized seeds when growing marijuana, along with the benefits of using this supplement when growing. 

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds refer to cannabis seeds that are specifically bred to contain no male chromosomes so that it is guaranteed that they will only become female plants when they start growing. 

When growing cannabis from seeds years ago, there would be a 50/50 chance of it growing into a male or female plant, however since the 1990s, people have been able to use supplements, including colloidal silver, to genetically engineer the seed to always become female, and there are a few reasons why people will prefer these to their male counterparts. 

Benefits Of Feminized Seeds

In comparison to male seeds and plants, feminized plants are believed to produce more usable buds that contain much higher levels of CBD and THC. 

While this higher concentration is the primary reason so many people will prefer to make and use feminized seeds for their plants, another huge benefit is that they are much easier to manage since you won’t need to throw the rest of the plant away after finding only a few usable buds since all of them will be of good quality. 

This also gives you a tremendous amount more control over your seeds so that you can more accurately predict how many plants will produce good buds that are rich in their THC and CBD content, with feminized seeds also being shown to often produce breeder plants that are entirely free from hermaphrodites.

How Does Colloidal Silver Create Feminized Seeds?

The way to create feminized seeds is essentially by tricking a female plant grown from a regular seed into producing male flowers, before then collecting the pollen from these flowers.

This is then used to pollinate a female plant which will then only produce feminized seeds. 

While you can use the method of rodelization to trick the female plant, the much more popular tool people will use is colloidal silver which can seem a little more complex at first, but the results are also a lot more reliable and stable where you will get feminized seeds with no inter-sex qualities 99% of the time. 

The colloidal silver works in this way by inhibiting the hormones of the normal female plant that is just entering its flowering phase.

This is why large professional seed banks will use colloidal silver as opposed to other methods since it is much better for customers who will only be getting the purest feminized seeds which will be a lot higher in their THC and CBD content. 

How To Create Feminized Seeds Using Colloidal Silver

There are a few precautions you must take when using colloidal silver to create feminized seeds, and while it can seem a little confusing at first, it is more than worth learning and getting the hang of this method since it will produce the very best results. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create feminized seeds using colloidal silver. 

1) Buy Colloidal Silver Solution

1) Buy Colloidal Silver Solution

Colloidal silver in its multiple forms can be bought online, from pharmacists, or even in some grocery stores. You will want to make sure you buy a colloidal silver spray solution with preferably 30PPM of silver. 

2) Spray The Female Plant

Start by misting several branches of a regular-seed-grown female plant with the solution. You will want to be spraying the plant when she enters the flowering stage of her growth.

Do this once a day for one to two weeks, this is enough time for the hormones to become oppressed so that the plant can start producing male sacs that are full of pollen. 

While these sacs will usually swell up within a week or two, some of the more stubborn strains can take a little longer, so don’t worry if the sacs aren’t noticeable right away. 

3) Remove The Male Sacs

When you notice that the sacs are big and swollen, and when the leaf section of the plant that protects the pollen begins to crack, the sacs will be ready to extract.

Carefully remove them from the plant, and store them in a cool area for a week so that they can dry. 

4) Extract The Pollen

After a week, carefully cut the sacs open to extract the pollen and proceed to use this to pollinate the female plants that you want to only produce feminized seeds.

Once the plant has been pollinated, it will now only produce feminized seeds which will be of much higher quality than their male counterparts. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Feminized Seeds

While it is entirely safe to smoke and use seeds and plants that have come from the pollinated female plant, you should never consume any marijuana directly from the female plant that you have sprayed with the colloidal silver. 

After the pollen has been collected, it’s usually best to simply throw the original female plant away since you won’t have any use for it once it has created the pollen needed to feminize other plants and their seeds. 

Additionally, it’s also worth double-checking that you don’t have any silver on any of your equipment or on your hands since this could end up contaminating other plants, and while it might only be a small amount, this is still enough to make the plant harmful to consume. 

Pre-made colloidal silver also tends to be quite expensive, especially when buying it online, so if you do plan to use this method a lot to feminize your seeds, it can be a much better idea to use a generator kit which is a lot cheaper in the long run and will provide you with as much of the solution as you need, not to mention they are incredibly easy to use. 


If you want your marijuana plants to be as rich in their THC and CBD content as possible, one of the most reliable ways to ensure they come out this way every time is by using some colloidal silver to feminize the plants and seeds.

Just always make sure that you never consume the female plant that was originally sprayed with the solution so that you can have weed that is entirely safe to consume. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Rodelization?

Rodelization is an old-school method of letting female plants live through their entire life rather than harvesting them so that some of the female plants can grow male pollen sacs as they reach the end of their life cycle. 

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