Is Colloidal Silver Safe During Pregnancy?

Research in recent years has suggested that applying colloidal silver to your skin or taking colloidal silver supplementation in other ways can have numerous benefits.

From antimicrobial and wound-healing properties to reducing the appearance of acne, people take colloidal silver for many different reasons.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe During Pregnancy?

With that being said, just like many other supplements, just because colloidal silver is safe for most people to use doesn’t mean it’s recommended during pregnancy. 

If you are pregnant or considering getting pregnant, and you want to know whether you can start or continue using colloidal silver during your pregnancy, read on.

We’ll be discussing what the research has to say, why some people consider it to be safe, and the potential risks associated with colloidal silver use during pregnancy. 

Arguments For The Use Of Colloidal Silver During Pregnancy

Medical practitioners involved in the research behind and production of colloidal silver have argued that it is safe to use colloidal silver during pregnancy, as long as certain conditions are adhered to. 

Dr Barnard of Silverlab Daily Healthcare, for example, states that Silverlab Ionic silver is safe to use while pregnant and even while breastfeeding.

This opinion is based on the fact that many clients of Silverlab Daily Healthcare have used silver supplements during pregnancy and haven’t experienced any side effects.

In fact, many have reported that they felt better with a stronger immune system thanks to taking the supplement. 

The Executive Director of Silverlab, Ian McQueen, states that the only negative side effect associated with the misuse of good-quality ionic silver supplements is a condition known as Argyira, which is where the pigment of your skin changes and takes on a grayish-blue color.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal, but as McQueen points out, the condition itself isn’t actually harmful. 

McQueen goes on to say that overdose from colloidal silver supplementation is quite difficult to achieve.

For reference, if someone weighed 70 kg, they could consume 8 liters of average-strength ionic silver each year for their whole lives and not experience negative side effects. 

As long as the colloidal silver supplement is completely clear, no stronger than 25 ppm, taken at the stated dose and purchased from a reputable company, Silverlab argues that there should be no ill-effects and that there is nothing to suggest that colloidal silver is dangerous during pregnancy. 

So, why is there still some concern in the medical community regarding the use of colloidal silver during pregnancy? Let’s find out by taking a look at the potential risks.

The Risks Of Using Colloidal Silver During Pregnancy

Despite the reassurances of some medical professionals that colloidal silver is safe to use throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding, other doctors and researchers have warned that continuing to take colloidal silver supplements while pregnant is not a good idea.

Here’s why: 

Lack Of Clinical Studies

There is currently a lack of clinical research regarding the effects of colloidal silver supplementation on human embryos. This, in itself, is reason enough to cause some concern. 

While doctors who are involved in researching colloidal silver in general state that there is no evidence to suggest that it harms the fetus, the fact remains that there is also a lack of research confirming that it is entirely safe. 

Most of the evidence to imply the safety of colloidal silver during pregnancy is anecdotal, in the form of clients reporting that they themselves did not suffer any ill effects and that their baby was born in perfect health.

However, it is difficult to prove this for certain without running medical tests on these clients and continuing to do so for several years in order to check for delayed effects. 

For many people, the fact that there isn’t any clinical proof that colloidal silver doesn’t cause any harm to unborn babies is enough to deter them from taking the supplements during pregnancy. 

Studies Conducted On Animals

As we have mentioned, there is a lack of clinical research into the effects of colloidal silver on human embryos. However, studies have been conducted on the embryos of other animals, and the findings have been alarming to say the least. 

Three separate studies have suggested that silver supplements can cause neurobehavioral changes in animal embryos.

This study, for example, looked at the effects on zebrafish and found that Ag+ acted as a neurotoxicant during the developmental period.

Meanwhile, this study on mice showed that fetal weight was decreased by exposure to silver nanoparticles and that cytotoxicity was a potential result of exposure.

Now, of course, because these studies were conducted on animals, the results cannot be directly applied to humans.

However, since we often consider negative effects on other animals (including mice) to be warning signs of potential harm to humans (as in the cosmetics industry) it makes sense to treat these studies in the same way. 

Risk Of Argyria

We mentioned earlier that doctors involved in the production of colloidal silver supplements admit that argyria is a potential side effect of silver supplementation.

However, these doctors reassure clients that the condition is merely cosmetic and not harmful, which does seem to be the case across the board. 

Nevertheless, many pregnant and nursing mothers are understandably cautious about consuming anything that could cause such a drastic change in the body while pregnant. 

The fact that colloidal silver can cause noticeable skin discoloration, in combination with the fact that there is a lack of clinical research on humans with negative impacts on animal embryos, means that many doctors do not recommend taking colloidal silver during pregnancy.

Should You Take Colloidal Silver During Pregnancy?

Having outlined the two sides of the debate on whether or not colloidal silver is safe during pregnancy, it’s clear that a lot of research remains to be conducted on this subject and that there is, as yet, no clear answer. 

For this reason, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor if you intend to supplement colloidal silver during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Your doctor will be available to review the scientific literature on the subject from a medically informed perspective and give you their opinion on whether colloidal silver is safe to take while pregnant. 

If you do choose to take colloidal silver during your pregnant or breastfeeding journey, you should do what you can to ensure that the silver supplement you are taking is as safe as possible.

This involves checking the strength to make sure it’s around 18 ppm, researching the manufacturer to confirm reputability, and never taking more than the stated dose.

The solution itself should also be totally clear. If it’s not, you should not take the supplement whether you’re pregnant or not. 

Final Thoughts

The verdict is still out regarding whether or not colloidal silver is safe to consume or otherwise apply during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

This is mainly because there are not enough clinical studies on the effects of colloidal silver on human embryos.

Most evidence for the safety of colloidal silver during human pregnancies (while largely positive) is anecdotal while the research on animal fetuses is not encouraging. 

Consult your doctor if you would like to take colloidal silver supplements during your pregnancy. If you choose to do so, buy from a reputable company and take at the recommended dose.

Carlos Esteban