What Is A Colloidal Silver Generator?

In recent years, the interest in alternative medicines and remedies has increased dramatically as people look to rely less on traditional medicine and prefer to opt for more natural remedies instead.

One of the most popular of these natural remedies is colloidal silver. But if you’ve never heard of or used colloidal silver at all, then you might wonder what exactly it is, and how it’s made. 

What Is A Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloidal silver is typically made using a colloidal silver generator, and utilizes a very simple process in order to produce this natural remedy.

So, if you want to learn more about colloidal silver, colloidal silver generators, as well as what colloidal silver can be used for, then this article will contain all of the information you need to know! 

What Is Colloidal Silver? 

When it comes to natural remedies, many people are naturally cautious, as it’s not uncommon for these remedies to make false claims about their benefits.

However, there’s no doubt that colloidal silver can have a positive effect on the body, and is used for a number of different afflictions and issues, so it’s definitely worth researching to see if it can benefit you! 

Simply put, colloidal silver is a form of an anti-bacterial solution, and is composed of a mineral solution that contains tiny silver particles and positively charged silver ions, both of which are then suspended in distilled pure water.

The process that helps to create colloidal silver also ensures that all of the silver particles in the solution contain the same electrostatic charge, therefore ensuring that each of these particles repels one another, which means that the particles are evenly distributed throughout the solution! 

One of the biggest benefits of colloidal silver, which draws so many people to it in the first place, is that it is entirely natural, and unlike some modern medicines, doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or parabens, which means that it’s completely safe to use. 

Now that you know more about what colloidal silver is, let’s take a look at what colloidal silver is, and how exactly it works. 

What Is A Colloidal Silver Generator? 

Whilst people might imagine a colloidal silver generator to be a particularly complicated device, the reality is that these generators are incredibly simple, so simple in fact, that producing a DIY generator at home is rather easy, which is what some people do in order to produce their own colloidal silver.

However, for those who aren’t sure about what equipment they’d need to create a colloidal silver generator, then plenty of generators are able to be bought from right across the web, so you shouldn’t have an issue getting your hands on one! 

So, a colloidal silver generator typically consists of a power source, which could be either a battery or even a wall outlet, as well as two electrodes that are placed in a container of water. 

When the power source is turned on, an electrical current is applied to the electrodes, which then allows the silver ions to be released into the water, where they may then be reduced to silver particles through a chemical process.

The resulting suspension of silver particles in water is colloidal silver, which is then ready for you to use whenever you need it. 

Things To Consider When Using A Colloidal Silver Generator At Home

What Is A Colloidal Silver Generator? (1)

As we previously mentioned, colloidal silver generators are fairly accessible pieces of equipment, whether you decide to purchase a generator from the web, or follow a tutorial to create your own generator.

There are some things that you should consider before you use your generator at home though. 

The first thing to consider is the water that you plan on using.

The water we get from our taps often contains minerals, which can cause issues when you attempt to use it in a colloidal silver generator, such as causing the silver particles to clump together, or even render the silver completely ineffective. 

Another thing to consider when using a colloidal silver generator is that it’s electric, and since you’re introducing an electrical current to water, there is a huge risk of electrocution, and without the proper setup and controls in place, it is surprisingly easy for you to electrocute yourself when using one of these generators. 

Finally, arguably the biggest concern about producing your own colloidal silver at home is in regards to the dosage of colloidal silver used, as it’s much more likely for a mistake to be made when you’re making it yourself.

Ingesting too much silver can have a severe effect on your body, and it’s because of people overdosing their colloidal silver solutions at home that has caused so much panic in the media about the use of colloidal silver, which is usually completely safe when you consume the correct amounts! 

What Can Colloidal Silver Be Used For? 

Despite some concerns, colloidal silver can be used effectively to help remedy a number of different problems, including things such as wound infections, burns, eczema, acne, other skin rashes, dandruff, sore throats, and even cold and flu.

Whilst it can be used specifically to help resolve these issues, many people recommend taking what is known as a “maintenance dose” of colloidal silver, which helps to ensure that your body’s immune system is supported, therefore making you less susceptible to various illnesses. 

Colloidal silver can also be used to sterilize things too, such as your toothbrush, food containers, shoes with bad odors, or anything that might need ridding of large amounts of bacteria.  


To summarize, a colloidal silver generator is a simple form of equipment that is used to help produce colloidal silver, an anti-bacterial solution which is used as a natural alternative to traditional medicine with applications across a variety of different issues. 

We hope that this guide has helped you to learn more about colloidal silver generators, thanks for reading! 

Carlos Esteban